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Seared Pork Chops With Apple-Fennel Slaw


Seared Pork Chops With Apple-Fennel Slaw

Come fall, one of our favorite flavor combinations is apple, fennel and celery. Together they are bright, crunchy, fresh and have just the right amount of sweetness. In this dish, we turn the magical trifecta into a creamy slaw to pile on top of perfectly seared pork chops. While you might be tempted to buy boneless chops, give the bone-in cut a try. The bone protects the meat from the high heat and has a bit of extra fat, giving you a juicier, more flavorful final result. If you’re looking to decrease the fat in this recipe, a better way is to swap the mayonnaise for Greek yogurt.

Active time: 35 minutes Total time: 35 minutes

Originally published November 2019

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