15 Outfit ideas to start the new year cute and perfect


As we welcome the New Year. Here are some personally picked styles for you to inspire you in the new year. This style of clothing is not as restricted which gives you room to experiment a bit more. Picking items from the smart and the casual side and putting an outfit together with them is the best way to go to achieve the perfect smart casual look. So enjoy these outfits, try one of them and share it in comment section.

1. The flannel jacket

A simple yet cute way to look trendy. A basic top shirt with denim jeans. Choose your colors based on your style. 🙂

Source: uk.zaful.com

2. The housemaid

If you are into uniform type clothes, here is one desing for you!

Source: Wattpad 

3. The baggy fit

Are you a cold type? Here is a way to keep you warm and look good at the same time!

Source: walkinmysneaks.blogspot.com

4. Layered neutrals

An elegant yet comfy way to look outstanding!

Source: flauntandcenter.com

5. Leggings

Who doesn´t like leggings? Here is a way to astonishing.

Source: thefashionspot.com

6. Cargo pants

The return of the cargo pants to nowadays fashion, put on a cute shirt and you are ready to go.

Source: comerblogaramar.com.br

7. Simple dress

Source: guitamoda.com

8. Side stripe



Side striped sweatpants are comfy at home, but have you tried them in public?

Source: comerblogaramar.com.br

9. Shirt


Shirts and jeans? Cutest way to look trendy.

Source: fashionbeauty.site

10. Business outfit


Looking for more adulty looks?

Source: bohme.com

11. Short skirt


Skirts are always a good option, just be comfortable to wear them!

Source: larevuedekathleen.fr

12. Classy


Simple and easy outfit for everyday wear

Source: Ruhi

13. Jacket


Source: p1.sagliginadresi.xyz

14. Street style


Trendy style for going out with your friends!

Source: theemilyparsons.com

15. Outfit of the day


Stylis, trendy, elegant. What else do you need more?

Source: lau


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