Without getting all doom and gloom, the unavoidable truth is that our environment is way more toxic than it was when our great-grandparents grew up. And that’s changing what we need to do to keep our
As a new season approaches, it’s common to turn our minds toward rejuvenation—detoxifying ourselves from what’s not serving us and refocusing on what nurtures us. Tea, both true tea—made from the tea
New Year’s resolutions can sometimes be hard to keep, especially if our goals are too lofty or ambiguous. Whether those resolutions are big or small, most people struggle to commit to them long-term b
When it comes to heart health, food can be your best medicine. Protecting this vital organ goes beyond avoiding unhealthy foods. To slash your risk of heart woes, it’s also important to up your intake
Indeed, for too long in the Western scientific community, matters of the heart were kept separate from our physiological health. But, there’s an increasing awareness—one that many cultures have known
Six out of 10 Canadians are overweight or obese—a number that’s been rising for years. Simultaneously, the number of adults with eating disorders or on never-ending diet plans is also at record levels
One of the most important recent discoveries in health is that inflammation is a crucial contributor to a surprising number of conditions—from the familiar ones such as rheumatoid arthritis to unexpec
I dread workouts. Once I’m in, they aren’t so bad, but each day, five days per week, it’s a mental sweat for me just to convince myself to start a workout, and if I opt out, I feel guilty. Sound famil
Connecting your heel to your toes, the plantar fascia is a ligament that supports the arch of your foot. When this tissue becomes injured or inflamed, it can lead to a condition called plantar fasciit
Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the wrists and hands. The condition is caused by compression of the median nerve in the wrists. Specific exercises may help r