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At MyFitnessPal, we know it isn’t only about the scale. There are many amazing ways becoming fit changes our lives
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Bahar Nessa loves to travel. In her 20s, she backpacked across Southeast Asia for three months and visited Egypt f
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It was really just a routine doctor’s visit for Gary Miller three years ago, but the news took him totally by surp
Flip through any womens magazine, and theres a good chance youll get the same underlying message: No matter what w
With loved ones and tasty, once-a-year recipes around, the holidays are a great time to splurge—especially if you
Calories in. Calories out. At 286 pounds and on the brink of her 30th birthday, these words were the oft-cited fit
If you spend any time online, youll inevitably come across an article (or 15) spelling out steps to reach the near