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3 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving on the Bike


3 Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving on the Bike

While your runner friends are hitting the Turkey Trots, you can hit the saddle. Crisp fall weather can be invigorating for a bike ride — and what better day than Thanksgiving to squeeze in a ride. Whether it’s a themed cyclo-cross race, a group ride or a two-wheeled commute to a family gathering, there are ways to make sure pedal strokes are included in your holiday, even if you’re hosting the big feast.

Plan a Themed Ride

Think about landmarks or events that you could link into a themed ride. Get your friends together for a low-key jaunt between a few landmarks or events in your area, such as corn mazes, farmers markets, local fairs or festivals. For example, a group of friends in Canada rides between Creemore Brewery and Flying Monkeys Brewery each year on Thanksgiving Day. If you are more ambitious with your holiday fitness adventures, there are generally Thanksgiving-themed cyclo-cross races as well. Search for “turkey-cross” or “pumpkin-cross” in your area, and you are likely to find some high-intensity racing to supplement your turkey dinner.

Ride to the Party

One of the strategies many of my clients use to fit in rides over the Thanksgiving holiday is to bike to the family dinner. Depending on the distance, some clients will ride the whole way, and some will get dropped off or picked up part of the way to the event. Arriving at the party after a good ride will take the tasty foods and merrymaking of the holiday to a whole new level. For those really into football, a morning ride will be essential. Combining a group ride with a party based around the game can be a great way to offset the nachos and enjoy the holiday with friends.

Host a Ride and Potluck

If you are hosting the big Thanksgiving event, make it a potluck to free up some time. Even a little bit of help can reduce your stress and allow you to ride with friends. Having the ride start from your house can also minimize how long you are away. If you are tied to the oven for the day, the indoor trainer might provide a way to get in a ride while keeping an eye on the food.

However you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, get moving and catch up with friends to make the most of the day off.


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