Beauty is all around us. Channelling or harnessing it to be our best selves can be incredibly fun, and it can bring thought-provoking challenges as well. It’s not just about finding the perfect summer

Green Skin Care

Companies are upping the ante when it comes to green beauty products, in both selection and quality. Now is the time to nourish your skin with toxin-free and environmentally friendly masks, restorativ
What does water have to do with skin? A ton. Your skin is full of water—30 percent water, in fact—and keeping it there can help make your complexion healthy and happy. Water content is a major factor
"Baking soda may be a cheap, easy way to cleanse and exfoliate your skin.©frannyanne/veer Could that box of baking soda
As we welcome the New Year. Here are some personally picked styles for you to inspire you in the new year. This style of
"Scientists have discovered that telomeres, which slow down aging, were prevalent in people with acne. BSIP/UIG Via Gett
"Raise your hands if you’re sure you know what causes odoriferous armpits. superpohn/iStock/ThinkstockHow to begin an ar
"Choosing the right moisturizer for combination skin isn't always easy. Eva-Katalin/Getty ImagesIt's hard enough treati
"Who says that ink has to be permanent? Not the folks at startup Ephemeral, who are developing a tattoo that lasts a yea
"Dale Berman/CorbisDCLIf you're looking for an excellent, cheap moisturizer, look no further than your medicine cabinet