Home Inspiration Introducing the Latest Feature: Book Fitness Classes

Introducing the Latest Feature: Book Fitness Classes


Introducing the Latest Feature: Book Fitness Classes

Calories in, calories out.

Few people live and breathe this mantra more fully than MyFitnessPal users.

Since the launch of MyFitnessPal in 2005, and after years of faithfully optimizing your ability to log calories and track fitness, we’re happy to announce a new way to more seamlessly record calories out! We worked with MINDBODY to bring you our newest update to MyFitnessPal (for iOS users), which allows you to search, reserve and purchase your studio workouts right in our app!

Nutrition and Fitness All in One Place

The updated app is basically a one-stop shop for nutrition and fitness. In addition to all of our nutrition expertise, you’ll have a fleet of high-caliber studio classes to choose from.


With this collaboration, tens of thousands of fitness classes around the country are now at your fingertips on MyFitnessPal. Just tap “More” at the bottom of the app and “Find Fitness Classes.” Search by activity, such as: yoga, barre, Pilates, cycling, boot camp, dancing or kickboxing. Or tap “Everything” and get a range of those plus kettlebell, rock climbing, aerial and more. You also have the ability to search by specific studio if you already have a place in mind.

Keeping the Class Search Simple

It couldn’t be easier to find and book the classes that work for you. You can even set time filters to see, at a glance, which classes are available for, say, lunchtime yoga — or where a 6 a.m. spin class is offered near your office. Pro tip: Keep the default (4 a.m.–11 p.m.) to have as broad of a selection as possible.


You can also refine your search proximity from classes nearby to as far as 30 miles away, depending on your willingness to travel. And the map function enables you to see the various classes available throughout your city laid out in map form…




…and then book your next class.

This is just another exciting way that MyFitnessPal is striving to enhance your journey to a healthier life!


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