Home Inspiration How Fitness Trainers Tackle New Year’s Resolutions

How Fitness Trainers Tackle New Year’s Resolutions


How Fitness Trainers Tackle New Year’s Resolutions

Maybe you’re a resolutions person. Maybe you’re not. But if you’re interested in fitness (and if you’re not, why are you reading this?) you know that nothing measured means nothing is gained, and there’s no better way to know what to measure than by setting goals.

Given that New Year’s resolutions are a type of goal, we wanted to see what our friends in the training community are hoping to achieve in 2018. Here are their answers, which we hope serve as an inspiration to you, whether you’re all-in on resolutions, looking to set some goals for 2018 or just want to warm up to the idea.


“My main resolution is to allow myself to be still — in mind, body and spirit — to allow any lessons my body and or life experiences are trying to teach me to come through. So much of trainer-life and runner-life is go, go, go! But in all the rush, you miss the experience, so I’m working on that. I know that’s a bit frilly … I also want to run a sub 5:30 mile if that helps ;-).”

— Sandra Gallagher-Mohler, CEO and run coach at iRunTons


My New Year’s resolution is simple: Say no to at least three meetings, calls, projects or neat opportunities each month. I have a tendency to spread myself too thin, and I have a very hard time saying no or thanks but no thanks. This pulls me away from the most important thing that I need to be focused on at any given moment. My goal with this resolution is that I will get more done in important areas versus just getting more done.”

— Tim DiFrancesco, former strength & conditioning coach with the Los Angeles Lakers and founder of TD Athletes Edge


“I can’t honestly say I’m a New Year resolutionist. (Is that even a word?) I vlog and write often so I rehash and adjust my goals on a regular basis. This year my goal was strength — the physical and mental strength to push myself a little more. Life is short but the majority of our life is called work, so why not get paid for what you love!

“In 2018 I want to make sure that I balance strength with rest and recovery, for example make sure I’m mobile and pain-free physically and help my body out through TriggerPoint foam rolling, self-myofascial release and massage, by being more mindful of the sleep and active recovery needed to fuel brain and body. These are goals I transfer into my classes because then there is a general goal and a daily, weekly reminder of the resolution made, not just for me but for everyone. So I theme the year for our members and clients as well.

— Marc Coronel, TriggerPoint and TRX master instructor and owner of Open Mind Fitness



“I’ve never been much for resolutions but I most definitely set goals. Regardless of what the goal is, I make sure that it’s tangible and measurable. I have had some injuries over the last couple of years that have required surgical repair and that has set me back in my training. I have a goal to pole vault this summer. We have always had little challenges around having no approach, running and jumping in with bare feet. When I clear the bar this coming summer, then I know that I’ve achieved my goal … tangible and measurable.”

— Rich Hesketh, athletic development coach at DECAMAN Athletics


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