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Some of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood have round faces.“Some of the prettiest actresses in Hollywood have round faces.Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Fullness in the face is caused by buccal fat. These fatty deposits lie deep in the cheeks near the mouth. If you’re genetically blessed with generous amounts of buccal fat, you’ll be the last person at the class reunion to look your age, as it helps delay the onset of wrinkles and jowl lines.

On the other hand, these deposits can mean you have a round face, also known as baby face. You can’t diet away unwanted buccal fat. Some people claim that certain facial exercises or dietary supplements will sculpt the features or flush out fat — usually people who sell exercise devices and dietary supplements. Even cheek reduction surgery won’t turn an owl face into an eagle. Plus, recovery may involve a few days of ice packs and liquid diets, and a few weeks of sleeping upright in the recliner.

In comparison, makeup is quick, inexpensive and gets results. Look at Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Beyonce. We’re not privy to their secrets, but we’ll bet their full-faced beauty gets a little help from some of the following face-slimming strategies.

Step one is to convert the circular outline into an oval. This can be done by shading unwanted fullness using a bronzer or foundation. Choose a shade that’s just a bit darker than your regular foundation. Apply a line down the side of your face along the hairline, starting just above the eyebrow and following the jawline to about the earlobes. Blend to achieve a shadowed effect.

Simultaneously, you can add angles by bringing out your features. To draw out the cheekbones (you know they’re in there), apply a short vertical stroke of blush to the upper cheeks below the outer corner of the eye, roughly parallel to the earlobe. Blend into the cheek with horizontal strokes, leaving a slight vertical impression to make the face appear longer. Or, for more definition, apply highlighter on top of the cheekbone below the outer eye and bronzer just under the cheekbone, following its natural curve. Blend each shade into the base foundation.

To widen the eyes, use a darker shade of shadow on the outer eyelid, a lighter toward the inside. Use mascara on the upper lashes only. Lengthen the face’s aspect by plucking and shaping the brow into an arch (avoiding the "golden arches" extreme). Plucking also opens space between the eye and brow.

Streamline that button nose using the same foundation you used on the cheeks. Apply a thin line along the side from bridge to nostril and blend. Apply blush, highlighter or a lighter foundation down the center.

For the lips, tread with care. Accentuate naturally full, curvy lips with bolder colors. Choose milder shades if your lips are thin. Remember, the goal of using makeup is to make the most of what you’ve got.

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