Beauty Essentials


Beauty Essentials

Have you used essential oils in your skin care regimen lately? Tap into the wisdom of the ancients and learn the value of essential oils in helping to maintain your youthful and vibrant glow.

For thousands of years, humans have been innately drawn to the benefits of essential oils derived from aromatic plants.
The traditional practice has been popularized by the use of diffusers that vaporize the oils, providing purifying or relaxing properties to the air we breathe. However, the benefits of essential oils run a lot deeper.

Ancient applications

One of the earliest applications of essential oils was in ancient Egypt, where they were used in the embalming process. They knew that certain oils had strong preservation qualities. Our ancestors learned that these preservation qualities also worked on their own skin to maintain a youthful and vibrant glow.

Also made from the essential oils of aromatics was perfume; it’s said that Cleopatra used lavender perfume to seduce Julius Caesar and Mark Antony.

Essential extractions

These valuable volatile oils are distilled into liquids from various parts of the plant: roots, stem, flower, fruit, seed, bark, and leaves.

It was believed that these oils also carry an energetic signature from the plant that encompasses its spirit. The extraction method varies depending on the plant (and parts used); however, most methods include the use of heat, which in ancient times was the sun.

We’ve been passionate about beauty for centuries. We revere youth and want lotions and potions that reduce redness, balance our skin type, and eliminate darkness and acne while turning back the hands of time. This is where essential oils play a strong role.

Essential ingredients

When we use ingredients that come from plants, the body responds, and synergy happens between cells. The skin is a sponge, designed to absorb water and fat-soluble vitamins. Essential oils, which are highly concentrated, offer a high degree of bioavailable nutrients, although some oils are more easily absorbed than others. Proper pairing is helpful to maximize the delivery of their phytochemicals.

DIY essential skin care

Learning how to make your own skin care products is not as challenging as you may think, with the help of a beauty expert at your local health food store. You can customize a blend for your skin, because there is no one-size-fits-all regimen. As the seasons change, so do the skin’s needs; you’ll soon gain control of personalizing your own routine.

The ancients had a handle on the myriad benefits of essential oils. Apply a little frankincense and tap into the wisdom of our elders, as these precious oils have stood the test of time!


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