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5 RD-Approved Desserts For Two at Trader Joe’s


5 RD-Approved Desserts For Two at Trader Joe’s

It may sound counterintuitive, but enjoying dessert can actually be a weight-loss trick. The key is moderation and opting for more nutritious options when possible. It also helps to keep portion sizes in check by sharing. From gooey lava cake to chocolate-covered almonds, we’ve rounded up healthy dessert options from Trader Joe’s that are ideal for sharing.

Why it made the cut: This chocolate collection contains eight hand-decorated dark, milk and white chocolates made without food coloring and dyes in assorted Valentine’s Day shapes. Expect 160 calories per serving and 5 grams of fat per chocolate.

Why it made the cut: Naturally sweet strawberries offer filling fiber and are terrific paired with protein-rich chocolate-covered almonds. Plus, you get a boost of natural antioxidants found in both the dark chocolate and strawberries. A 1/4-cup (30g) serving of almonds and 1-cup (150g) serving of strawberries shared between two people clocks in at 140 calories and 10 grams of sugar.

Why it made the cut: A slice of lava cake and a 1/4-cup (30g) scoop of ice cream feels decadent but shared between two people, it’s 250 calories each and 18 grams of sugar. This is a much better option compared to standard restaurant cakes and desserts, which often contain three or four times the calories, sugar and fat.

Why it made the cut: With just 130 calories and 10 grams of sugar per five-cookie serving, these mini cookies are a low calorie, yet decadent treat perfect for sharing. Though they’re small, five cookies per serving feels generous.

Why it made the cut: If you don’t love chocolate, these are perfect. Free of dyes and naturally flavored with carrot juice and black currant juice concentrate, they’re a healthier version of the traditionally sugary treat for 110 calories per serving. They’re also gluten-free.


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