Home Fitness 5 Cardio and Strength Routines You Can Do Anywhere

5 Cardio and Strength Routines You Can Do Anywhere


5 Cardio and Strength Routines You Can Do Anywhere

Not going to be home for the holidays? No problem! There’s no reason you can’t stick with your exercise plan even while you’re on the road—especially if you plan ahead.

Here are five travel-friendly workouts you can do almost anywhere:

1. 1-Mile Fast Interval Walk
Winter weather and a new city don’t always make for the best scenario for your regular outdoor walking plan. This indoor interval walk is a great option for travelers—just press play to start walking one mile inside at any time of day or night.

2. 15-Minute Chair Yoga
Spent the day in a car, plane or train? Stretch out tight, stiff muscles after a long day of travel with this gentle yoga routine that uses just a chair (no mat necessary) to make it easier on the wrists.

3. 8-Minute Hotel Room Cardio
You won’t need access to a hotel gym or a treadmill for this cardio routine! This quick but effective bodyweight circuit uses just a sturdy chair to get you sweating in under 10 minutes. Try pairing it with our hotel room strength workout below for a complete routine.

4. 8-Minute Hotel Room Strength
A sturdy chair is all you need to build strength and stamina with this simple set of total body sculpting moves.

5. 9-Minute Standing Abs
Want to work your waistline but don’t want to get down on the dirty hotel carpet to do it? This workout uses a single hand towel to target key core muscles in your abs and back—without having to get on the ground once. An added bonus: Your heart rate will stay elevated throughout the routine so you’ll burn more calories than you would with standard crunches.

For more fun ways to fit in fitness on the road, don’t miss our “Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles” DVD. This program includes our customizable mile menu that allows you to design your own cardio session every time you use it—no equipment required.


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