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4 Steps to Boost Your Self-Confidence


4 Steps to Boost Your Self-Confidence

No matter what your health, fitness or weight-loss goals are, if you try not to look at yourself in the mirror, avoid social situations, or shy away from activities or adventures because you’re afraid of failure, you’re likely judging yourself way more harshly than others might. Before you can try that new group exercise class you think you’re too uncoordinated for, or join that run/walk group hosted at your local running shoe store, or take off your T-shirt at the pool, you need to muster some confidence. Rest assured: Everyone feels fear when trying something new; everyone feels a twinge of doubt when they are thrust into a new social or work setting, but those who engage in confidence-boosting activities and learn how to bounce back after failure are the ones who live life to the fullest.

So, just how do you go about practicing more self-compassion, and erase those creeping thoughts of self-doubt?

self-compassion infographic


This infographic originally appeared on Happify.

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