20 Wonderful braided hairstyles for medium and long hair


Hi girls! It seems that everyone just loves braids. That’s why we brought you these beautiful hairstyle ideas that are suitable for medium or long hair. Everybody wants to look pretty and trendy nowadays, am I right? So let’s take a look at the following ideas and let us know which one is your favorite! We tried to collect hairstyles that all of you will like and all of you will manage to nail at home. If you try them out, share the final result with us and send us a picture of it! Here are 20 of my favorite braided hairstyles and of course, the tutorials so you can recreate them.

Bohemian Pull Through

What often gives that true boho vibe is making hair look extra full.



Easy and fast ponytail for long hair


Bubble-French Braids

This is so amazing. We love how elleandcosalon left the ends out of these bubble braids! Not to mention, the rooted blonde makes them really pop.


Burgundy Braids

These braids are beautiful as a blend between dark and red hair. You can try coloring your hair. Thick hair looks a lot better in braids than thin flat hair.


Two Fishtail Braids

You need only long hair for this amazing braided style. Split the hair into two large pieces and braid one half to the inside, like a regular fishtail braid, and the other side – to the outside. Then, combine the two fishtail braids into one. And you are ready 🙂


French Braids


With cute clips

This is a classic bubble hair braid with colorful clips. You van use some colors or only one. Being creative is important 🙂


Large single braids

Make big braids, or you can choose only for this single method. This is very easy and cute with platinum hair or maybe with blonde.


Amazing festival braids

Create two ponytails and make separate pull through braids of them. Then combine the braided ponytails to create this lovely V-shape and you are ready. You need only loud music and some crazy things.


Fishtail side braid


Do you like these hairstyles? Well, the best is yet to come. We tried the last three of them and we absolutely adored them!


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