15+ Uber-Cool Summery Nail Designs for Different Styles


Bold colours, geometric patterns and unique shapes were always trendy, not only in fashion but also in manicures. These colourful trends gain special power during summertime. During summer, girls and boys all around the world switch from neutrals to fun and colourful outfits and nail designs.  If you need some inspiration for your next appointment, check out these stunning nail ideas. The following nail designs are the most eye-catching during summer, but you can totally wear them during any other season too.

Delicate pastel nails

The combination of delicate colours and shapes defines your nails and makes your hands look nice and polished. Pastel is a go-to since 2017, still trending to this day. They look perfect with pretty much every outfit from elegant dresses all the way to swimsuits.

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Summer sorbet

Sorbets are life-savours on hot summery days. This sorbet-inspired nail design with a touch of ombré reminds us of a nice watermelon & peach sorbet and it looks beautiful on sunkissed skin. Although it reminds us of a summery treat, you can totally go for this design in other seasons too. They are discreet and they go well with every outfit.


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Fruity nails

Express your fun personality with these fruity nails! We’ve already seen this design on many models, including Gigi Hadid.  They are perfect for summer! They are super trendy and you can experiment with the colours and different types of fruit.

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The classic summery colour palette

Palmtrees on nails were always a must, especially for summer holidays. It’s time to be brave and experiment with unusual colour schemes. Instead of going for the classic orange and yellow sunsets, you should try other warm colours such as red or pink. And if you prefer unique designs, add some neons and glitter to spice it up.

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Pink swirls

We love mixing different shades of pink because it’s fun and they compliment each other like no other colour combination.

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