15 Cute Trendy Nail Designs For Christmas Holidays 2021


Winter is here and getting dressed up in those cozy attires deserve a winter-perfect manicure too. We collected the best nail ideas for this year, and we need to know how you are with the christmas feeling. What do you think? It is too early for decorations and for xmas feeling, or it is a good time?

Candy cane design with silver background

One of the famous Christmas symbols. It’s extremely easy to recreate most candy cane nail arts. Simply get nail foil thin strips, place them over a white or red background then paint the nail with the alternate color. When you remove the strips the contrasting color will instantly pop.

Source: Nailsbylisayeg

Christmas sweater

Imagine that your fingernails matched with your Christmas sweater . You can change the base color of your sweater nails if red is not your sweater’s color. How great can it be to match your nails with your knitted Christmas sweater?

Source: xnailsbymiri

Christmas decoration pattern

This design is both representing the winter blues and the joy of Christmas, especially when the decoration on your Christmas tree is blue too.

Source: Etsy

Winter is coming

A frosty pattern for frosty days. You are more unlikely to catch a cold with this design.

Source: StylishBelles

The Snowman

What would Christmas be without snowmans? A cute way to enjoy a sight of snowmans when we don´t have a white Christmas.

Source: @tararahardja

Reindeer nails with gifts

The first thing that comes on our mind about Christmas are usually gifts, but I think it would be boring if every nail would look the same. Who would have thought that reindeers look so good on nails?

Source: @yasisbeauty

Mini Christmas trees design

A very cute idea to minimize the traditional Christmas tree and place it on your fingernails. With a little bit of gold glitter polish on your plain colored fingernails and top of the mini trees, you can have a trendy nail art.

Source: melcisme


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