13 Stunning DIY Summer Hairstyles Done in a Few Minutes


Summer is here, so you better be ready for high temperatures and hot days! Check out some of these easy summer hairstyles that will keep you feel fresh even on the hottest days. We brought you 13 hairstyles that only take a few minutes to make and we guarantee that you will look like a goddess that doesn’t sweat. These hairstyles are suitable for casual days but also for special occasions.

Beach twists

These beach tiwsts are truly awesome and they are super easy to make! It’s literally done in a few minutes. This clever girl has plenty of tutorials on her YouTube channel. All of them are simple yet beautiful. Give them a try!

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Fake braids

If you feel like you need a break from heat styling or you just simply want your hair out of your face for the whole day, try this fake fishtail braid! Start slightly lower than the top of your head to achieve a more laidback look.

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Top back hairstyle

We love a good old half up half down! Keep your hair out of your face by tying your bangs up. To create a messy look just pull out some front pieces.

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Loose braids

A long loose braid is the most romantic hairstyle ever. It’s the easiest and prettiest hairstyle for long hair that you can achieve even when you’re in a morning rush.

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Although playing with your hair looks nice and flirty, long hair can be annoying during hot summer days. Ponytails and buns are perfect when you’re short on time or you just have the urge to change things up.

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Hairstyles for short hair

This hairstyle literally takes 2 seconds to make. Since high buns are impossible to do with short hair, try low buns! At first, it can look quite funny but if you pull out some front pieces to frame your face and make the bun look a bit messier, you’re good to go!

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