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4 Indoor Cardio Routines that Are More Effective and Fun than the Treadmill


4 Indoor Cardio Routines that Are More Effective and Fun than the Treadmill

If the treadmill has you dreading your cardio time (did you know it was actually designed to be a torture device in the 1800s?), it may be time to shake things up a bit.

The good news is that running on a loop to nowhere isn’t the only way to burn extra calories; there are plenty of other successful ways to burn fat and build your fitness level at the same time.

Here are 4 indoor cardio routines to consider including in your regular workout rotation:

11-Minute HIIT

What it is: A short but sweet high-intensity interval training (aka HIIT) cardio workout that’s over in 11 minutes flat. Get ready to work hard during the intervals (not to worry; low-impact options are included), and it will be over before you know it.

Why you need it: Including HIIT-style training into your cardio routine could be just what you need to bust out of a rut and break through a plateau. The higher intensity of these intervals means you will see better results in half the time (just make sure to include HIIT as part of a balanced workout plan to avoid overtraining), making this routine the perfect sub for your usual 30 minutes on the treadmill—especially for days when you’re pressed for time.

15-Minute Kickboxing for Weight Loss

What it is: A basic, drill-based kickboxing session that engages the entire body for an allover cardio and conditioning workout.

Why you need it: It’s a cardio blast that not only works core muscles in your abs, back, shoulders, arms and legs, but it also helps develop coordination, agility, speed and power. Oh, and it’s the perfect way to blow off some steam after a long day.

25-Minute Cardio Boot-Camp Boogie

What it is: This cardio session isn’t your typical boot camp (you won’t see any burpees or squat thrusts here), but the speed, agility and quickness of these moves will help you improve your fitness level and get your sweat on.

Why you need it: The quick directional changes and footwork in this routine help you build coordination while you burn calories.

30-Minute Cardio Ball Blast

What it is: A unique cardio workout that incorporates the use of a small playground ball to amp up the moves and build core strength and coordination.

Why you need it: This one is a great calorie burner, and the added element of the small ball (or similar small object) helps to develop hand-eye coordination, which is important for both a healthy body and brain.

For more fun ways to burn off calories at home (sans the treadmill), don’t miss my “Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles” DVD. This program includes a customizable mile menu that allows you to design your own personal cardio session every time you use it—no equipment required.


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